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3 Outdoor Movie Screens We Like

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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Forget about being cooped up in the living room for your next movie night. If you’re fortunate enough to have a backyard, why not spread out on the lawn and enjoy an outdoor theater? Although you could just project an image against a wall or garage door, a good screen helps to produce cleaner, brighter, more accurate video. We tested two popular outdoor screens and one DIY screen option to learn what you can expect from each.

Elite Screens Yard Master Plus, for the cinephile

Elite Screens Yard Master Plus

For the cinephile
The rigid frame and highly reflective screen deliver the most movie-like outdoor theater experience.
We recommend
Gemmy Airblown Inflatable Deluxe Movie Screen, for fast, easy setup

Gemmy Airblown Inflatable Deluxe Movie Screen

For fast, easy setup
This screen inflates itself in seconds for easy setup, but you have to contend with fan noise.
We recommend
Target Threshold 400 Thread Count Performance Sheet Set , a good budget screen

Target Threshold 400 Thread Count Performance Sheet Set

A good budget screen
With a high thread count, these white sheets offer solid picture quality for a low price.
We recommend

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