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The Best Smartwatches and Phones for Kids

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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If you don’t want to give your kid an adult smartphone but do want them to have a way to communicate as they become more independent, you have options. Along with our own tween-agers, we tested 13 smartwatches, kid-focused smartphones, flip phones, and other communication devices designed for kids. Although we found that all of these devices make some trade-offs, we have a few to recommend.

Verizon GizmoWatch 2, a dependable, affordable smartwatch for kids

Verizon GizmoWatch 2

A dependable, affordable smartwatch for kids
This affordable smartwatch designed for kids allows for voice calls and limited texting, and it lets you track your child’s location.
We recommend
TickTalk 4, bigger and more durable, with a camera

TickTalk 4

Bigger and more durable, with a camera
The TickTalk 4 includes a camera for photos and video calls, and it allows for up to 50 contacts. The watch is durable but also big and bulky.
We recommend
Apple Watch SE , best performing, most expensive

Apple Watch SE

Best performing, most expensive
The Apple Watch SE is the most versatile and the easiest to use of the smartwatches we tested, but it’s expensive and available only for iPhone users.
We recommend
Gabb Z2, a smartphone with training wheels

Gabb Z2

A smartphone with training wheels
With no web browser or app store, this Android smartphone limits kids to sending text messages, making phone calls, taking pictures and videos, and listening to music.
We recommend
Alcatel SmartFlip, a reliable flip phone

Alcatel SmartFlip

A reliable flip phone
If you want a basic phone that doesn’t do much besides making calls, the Alcatel SmartFlip is cheap, reliable, and easy to find.
We recommend

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