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The Best Portable Ice Maker

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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If you can’t get the ice you want from trays or store-bought bags, and a built-in machine (like the one in a fridge) won’t cut it, then you might want a portable ice maker. You can just buy whatever’s cheap or looks cool: The most compact and affordable models—which make nine bullet-shaped “cubes” at a time—are likely all the same basic machine made in the same factory, and they work pretty well.

Magic Chef MCIM22/HNIM27, just another icemaker

Magic Chef MCIM22/HNIM27

Just another icemaker
Most portable ice makers (including this Magic Chef) are likely made by a company called Hicon. We’re highlighting this model in particular because it’s usually in stock for a reasonable price at a retailer (Home Depot) that accepts in-person returns.
We recommend
Luma Comfort IM200SS, clear cubes, great for fizzy drinks

Luma Comfort IM200SS

Clear cubes, great for fizzy drinks
This model produces clear ice cubes, which don’t make carbonated drinks fizz and go flat as quickly as cloudy ice. Each batch it makes is about three times as big as that produced by a small bullet-ice maker (though it also takes about three times as long).
Another good choice
GE Profile Opal, a nugget ice maker

GE Profile Opal

A nugget ice maker
Nugget ice has a cult following because of its soft, chewable consistency. The Opal is the only countertop model that makes this type.
We recommend

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