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The Best Portable Jump Starter

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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If your car or truck battery dies, a portable jump starter can get you up and running in minutes, so you don’t have to wait for roadside assistance or a Good Samaritan with jumper cables. After researching 40 lithium-ion jump starters and testing 12, we recommend the Weego Jump Starter 22s as the best one for most drivers. It’s simple enough for anyone to use, it’s powerful enough to start most cars and SUVs but small enough for you to stash it securely in your glove box, and it has safety features that keep you from hurting your car or yourself. The affordably priced 22s is also the best value we’ve seen.

Weego Jump Starter 22s, good power and a great value

Weego Jump Starter 22s

Good power and a great value
This model gives you the best overall value, with the power to start most cars and midsize SUVs, as well as the best clamps and safety features, all for a reasonable price.
We recommend
PowerAll Deluxe PBJS12000-R, more power without paying a lot more

PowerAll Deluxe PBJS12000-R

More power without paying a lot more
This model can start larger V8 engines, and it has effective safety features and sturdy clamps almost as good as our top pick’s.
Another good choice
Weego Jump Starter 44, the best combination of power and usability

Weego Jump Starter 44

The best combination of power and usability
Offers the same sturdy clamp design as our top pick, plus the extra power to start larger V8 engines. It costs more, but every feature is just a little better.
A better upgrade

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