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The Best Pry Bar

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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A small pry bar isn’t exactly a home-toolbox essential, but it is quite handy, whether you need it to open a stuck window, lift a corner of a bookcase for shimming, remove a piece of baseboard, or pry up a floor register. After three veteran carpenters pulled nails and separated boards with five leading pry bars, they chose the Stanley 55-116 8-inch Nail Puller (about $9). From a visual standpoint, it wasn’t the most polished tool, but when it came to functionality, no other pry bar offered as much control while prying boards. It also impressed us with its multiple nail pullers. Best of all, at less than $10, the Stanley was the least expensive bar we looked at, performing just as well as pry bars that cost nearly twice as much.

Shark Corp 21-2220 8-Inch Prybar and Nail Puller, runner-up

Shark Corp 21-2220 8-Inch Prybar and Nail Puller

We liked the Shark pry bar, but it performs the same as the Stanley while costing more.
Another good choice

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