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The Best Pull-Up Bars

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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A great pull-up bar should be worthy of both your workout and your woodwork. We spent 26 total hours researching and testing, completing hundreds of pull-ups to review every grip option on every bar, and found that the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro, got great marks—yet didn’t leave any on our molding.

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro, multiple grips, clever design

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro

Multiple grips, clever design
The Multi-Gym Pro has three grip locations, fits a wide variety of doorways, and is unlikely to damage the woodwork thanks to its uniquely rectangular doorframe pads.
We recommend
Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus, a compact budget buy

Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus

A compact budget buy
With narrower grips and projecting U-shaped bars covered in foam, this is a great choice for folks who weigh less than 250 pounds—particularly those who want to spend less.
Another good choice
Ultimate Body Press Elevated Doorway Pull-Up Bar, for larger frames (doors and people)

Ultimate Body Press Elevated Doorway Pull-Up Bar

For larger frames (doors and people)
This super-size bar from Ultimate Body Press provides a heftier grip, a longer support bar, and the most clearance to suit wider doorways and larger people alike.
Another good choice
Gym1 Power Fitness Package, for swinging/kipping and accessories

Gym1 Power Fitness Package

For swinging/kipping and accessories
With its unique side-anchoring clamps, the Gym1 kit enables you to do swinging pull-ups and mount accessories such as a punching bag and a kids swing set (sold separately).
Another good choice

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