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The Best Running Belts

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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A running belt lets you bring your phone, keys, and even water on a run while keeping your hands—and pockets—free. A good one does its job with zero bouncing or discomfort. We tested 37 belts and bands to find those you’re likely to notice the least while logging miles. We recommend the SPIbelt Large Pocket for daily runs. If you want an everyday belt with more pockets, we like the Nathan Adjustable-Fit Zipster. The waistband-style Naked Running Band is our pick for runners who need added capacity, and if you want a belt with two water bottles, we think the Nathan TrailMix Plus is the best.

SPIbelt Large Pocket, tops for toting essentials

SPIbelt Large Pocket

Tops for toting essentials
For minimalists, this zippered pouch holds essentials and stays put with a comfortable, stretchy band that tidily adjusts to fit most waists—no dangling tails.
We recommend
Nathan Adjustable-Fit Zipster, more pockets, finicky clasp

Nathan Adjustable-Fit Zipster

More pockets, finicky clasp
This model is commodious and comfortable, but its clasp is more finicky than that of our top pick. It also covers a slightly narrower range of sizes.
Another good choice
Naked Running Band, ultimate versatility

Naked Running Band

Ultimate versatility
Good for long-distance runners or always-prepared types, this nearly bounce-free waistband has a pocket, loop, and clip for stowing your stuff—but it costs more than most of our other picks.
A better upgrade
Nathan TrailMix Plus, max hydration

Nathan TrailMix Plus

Max hydration
Incorporating two 10-ounce water bottles, this belt lets you carry your water and sports drink separately. It’s the most stable and comfortable two-bottle belt that we’ve tested.
Another good choice

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