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The Best Safety Glasses

Updated Dec 12, 2022
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Safety glasses are standard stock at metal shops and construction sites. But they are also helpful for countless activities around the home—from dusting a high shelf to weeding—that can send errant debris flying directly into your delicate eyes. A good pair of safety glasses will protect your peepers and be comfortable to wear, but the best pair is a lot like the best face mask: It’s the one you’ll actually use regularly and not fuss with. After researching and testing 27 pairs of safety glasses, and consulting with an ophthalmologic surgeon, a professional racquetball player, and dozens of robot builders, we think the Radians MR0111ID Mirage is the pair most people will wear most of the time. If you already wear prescription glasses, the HexArmor LT250 will be the least distracting over your frames.

Radians MR0111ID Mirage, comfort, strength, and an unbeatable price

Radians MR0111ID Mirage

Comfort, strength, and an unbeatable price
Our panel of testers found these safety glasses to be the lightest and most comfortable to wear. And at about $2 a pop, they’re easily replaceable if lost or damaged in the line of duty.
We recommend
NoCry Safety Glasses, an adjustable option

NoCry Safety Glasses

An adjustable option
You can adjust the length and angle of the arms and nose bridge on this pair, so there’s a good chance of getting a perfectly personalized fit.
A better upgrade
HexArmor LT250, best to wear over prescription glasses

HexArmor LT250

Best to wear over prescription glasses
The HexArmor LT250 fit well over our testers’ glasses, and this pair stayed in place better than any other over-glasses options.
We recommend

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