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The Best Santa Hats for Christmas

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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The Santa hat is as central to Christmas as cake is to birthdays. But as archetypal as this must-have holiday accessory is, surprisingly few mainstream brands have prioritized high-quality Santa hats in their seasonal repertoires.

OriginalsByEva Cranberry and Vanilla Santa Hat, the best santa hat

OriginalsByEva Cranberry and Vanilla Santa Hat

The best Santa hat
These handmade Santa hats are well-crafted, luxurious, and the most customizable of those I tested. They sell out quickly, but there are dozens of options available in a plethora of faux furs, fabrics, sizes, colors, and trims.
We recommend
HoHo Hats Classic Santa Hat, a statement santa hat for big personalities

HoHo Hats Classic Santa Hat

A statement Santa hat for big personalities
This ornate, reversible, and almost overwhelmingly plush custom Santa hat is made with real lambskin. It’s perfect for center-of-attention types seeking a statement piece to help them stand out in a Christmas crowd.
A better upgrade
LessMo Snowflake Pattern Velvet Santa Hat, a stylish, non-custom santa hat

LessMo Snowflake Pattern Velvet Santa Hat

A stylish, non-custom Santa hat
Slightly structured but still soft and featuring a snowflake pattern, the least-expensive option in my testing pool turned out to be the best store-bought Santa hat by far.
Budget friendly

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