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The Best Smart Home Sensors for Alexa, HomeKit, and SmartThings

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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When placed around a living space, these low-profile wireless devices are able to detect specific activities, like movement, temperature, or the opening or closing of a door. Then they tell other smart devices how to react—smart lights, plugs, speakers, thermostats, and so on—all in an instant, and without requiring any direct commands or effort from you. Some detect just one activity, while others are multitaskers. Install one and you might solve a single problem—add a bunch and you’re on your way to having a home that runs on autopilot.

Aqara Motion Sensor, a versatile, cheap motion sensor

Aqara Motion Sensor

A versatile, cheap motion sensor
Reliable, really cheap, and flexible to mount, the Aqara motion sensor works with HomeKit and Alexa, but does require a hub.
We recommend
Centralite Micro Motion Sensor, a simpler setup

Centralite Micro Motion Sensor

A simpler setup
Although it’s bigger and pricier than our pick, this reliable sensor works with SmartThings or Zigbee-enabled Echo speakers without a hub.
Another good choice
Aqara Door and Window Sensor, best smart contact sensor

Aqara Door and Window Sensor

Best smart contact sensor
This tiny contact sensor is far smaller and cheaper than a lot of other models and works reliably, but it does require the use of an Aqara Hub.
We recommend
Centralite Micro Door Sensor, best for zigbee-enabled speakers and smartthings

Centralite Micro Door Sensor

Best for Zigbee-enabled speakers and SmartThings
Slightly larger and more expensive than our pick, but compatible with SmartThings as well as Alexa, this sensor works with Zigbee speakers (like the latest Echo) and works reliably with excellent range.
Another good choice
Centralite Temperature and Humidity Sensor, best smart temperature sensor

Centralite Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Best smart temperature sensor
This Zigbee sensor works with SmartThings and Alexa without needing a separate hub, has a clean unobtrusive design, and is easy to mount securely.
We recommend
Eve Weather, a good but pricey homekit model

Eve Weather

A good but pricey HomeKit model
The only temperature sensor we tested that’s weatherproof, the Eve Weather has an e-ink display that shows the temp and humidity; it’s also Thread-enabled.
Another good choice

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