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The Best Smart Scale

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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Compared with our regular bathroom scale picks, smart scales are more finicky and less reliable. However, if you want a smart scale—one that connects to your phone and automatically tracks weight measurements and other biometric data—we recommend the Greater Goods Wi-Fi Smart Scale. After more than 1,000 total weigh-ins on 18 different smart scales, we’ve found that it provides the most consistently accurate readings (though it is generally less accurate and consistent than our regular bathroom scale picks), and its app is one of the few that actually recorded our weight each and every time we used the scale.

Greater Goods Wi-Fi Smart Scale, the best smart scale

Greater Goods Wi-Fi Smart Scale

The best smart scale
This Wi-Fi–enabled scale provides consistently accurate readings, and its app reliably tracked each reading in our testing. It’s also the least expensive Wi-Fi–enabled model we considered.
We recommend
Eufy Smart Scale P1 , a reliable scale with a user-friendly app

Eufy Smart Scale P1

A reliable scale with a user-friendly app
This Bluetooth scale gives consistent readings, and its app is easy to use. But you need to have your phone nearby to record readings, and we confirmed with the company that the scale sometimes recalls previous weights instead of weighing fresh each time.
Another good choice

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