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The Best Smart Smoke Alarm

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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Smoke alarms will warn you of danger, but not if you aren’t home to hear them. (They’re also ugly and a pain to shush, and they shriek at burnt toast.) Smart smoke alarms are the cure, and Google Nest Protect is the only one worth buying. It sends speedy alerts of smoke or carbon monoxide to your phone, has great design, is simple to mute, and has a “heads-up” warning before triggering its siren. The Protect also self-tests and has a motion-activated path light.

Google Nest Protect, the best smart smoke alarm for most people

Google Nest Protect

The best smart smoke alarm for most people
Google Nest Protect’s sensitivity to slow- and fast-burning fires, ability to self-test, sleek design, and straightforward app make it the best smart fire-safety device.
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