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Updated Dec 10, 2022
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For many people, going to the movies these days involves a walk from the kitchen to the couch, rather than a trip to a commercial cinema. So investing in a good TV and sound system makes more sense than ever. The use of a soundbar is the easiest, most affordable way to get a cinematic surround-sound experience at home, and the Polk MagniFi Mini AX’s excellent sound and simple setup make it our favorite all-purpose choice—though we have additional picks that suit different budgets and performance priorities.

Polk MagniFi Mini AX, the best all-around soundbar

Polk MagniFi Mini AX

The best all-around soundbar
Despite being simple, small, and affordable, the MagniFi Mini AX outperforms many larger, more complicated competitors.
We recommend
Vizio M-Series Elevate, for more enveloping surround sound

Vizio M-Series Elevate

For more enveloping surround sound
The M-Series Elevate uses dedicated surround speakers and motorized upward-firing speakers to produce more immersive sound from Dolby Atmos and DTS:X soundtracks.
Another good choice
Yamaha SR-C30A, clear, compact sound at a friendly price

Yamaha SR-C30A

Clear, compact sound at a friendly price
The Yamaha SR-C30A sounds much more natural than most inexpensive soundbars, even if it can’t match the volume and envelopment of more expensive models.
Budget friendly
LG S95QR, for the most theaterlike audio experience


For the most theaterlike audio experience
The S95QR includes a powerful subwoofer, surround speakers, five upward-firing Atmos speakers, and lots of inputs and audio streaming options.
A better upgrade

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