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The Best VR Headset

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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Virtual reality can be an arresting way to step into engaging virtual worlds, even if it’s still a new technology that remains far from being a “most people” purchase. We think the Meta (formerly Oculus) Quest 2 is the best headset for most people because it’s the easiest to use and offers access to the widest range of games and experiences.

Meta Quest 2, the best standalone vr headset

Meta Quest 2

The best standalone VR headset
The Quest 2 has a cord-free design and convincing hand tracking with the added option to plug it into a PC to access more powerful games.
We recommend
HTC Vive Pro 2 Headset, a powerful headset for pc users

HTC Vive Pro 2 Headset

A powerful headset for PC users
This headset’s screen handily beats the competition, but you’ll need a high-end computer to make the most of it.
A better upgrade

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