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The Best Team Messaging App Is Slack

Updated Dec 17, 2022
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Team messaging apps have become an essential part of work over the past decade and are now especially crucial for remote workers during the pandemic. For many people, these tools have become their workplace. Need proof? Consider the chaos that ensues whenever Slack has a rare outage: Many users are left wondering how to instantly communicate with their colleagues or what to do when the virtual watercooler is broken. After over two months of researching 19 of these apps and testing 11, we can say with confidence that Slack is superior to its alternatives. It has everything we want in a tool for keeping co-workers and colleagues connected on a daily basis, and its slick interface is far less painful to use than those of most competitors.

Slack, the best team messaging app


The best team messaging app
With a refined interface and the best array of features, Slack makes having online conversations with teammates easy and enjoyable.
We recommend
Google Chat, a simpler messaging app built into google workspace

Google Chat

A simpler messaging app built into Google Workspace
If you don’t need all of Slack’s bells and whistles and you already use Gmail and Google Meet with your team, Google Chat is a fine alternative that has all the essentials.
Another good choice

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