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The Best Travel Strollers

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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We tested nine travel strollers, logging more than 130 miles over three months, and had four families take the finalists on five flights before concluding that the best travel stroller is the Uppababy Minu. More than any other stroller we tested, the 14.8-pound Minu packs the robust feel and performance of a high-end full-size stroller into a lightweight, streamlined frame.

Uppababy Minu, the best travel stroller

Uppababy Minu

The best travel stroller
This 14.8-pound stroller feels as heavy-duty as a high-end full-size stroller but packs down small enough to fit in most overhead compartments. It handles rough terrain better than any other model we tested for this guide.
We recommend
Babyzen Yoyo+, a more stylish option

Babyzen Yoyo+

A more stylish option
This 13½-pound travel stroller is prized for its good looks, compact fold, nimbleness, and smooth glide, but it’s complicated to fold and doesn’t handle curbs or sidewalk bumps well.
Another good choice
Mountain Buggy Nano, basic features, high performance

Mountain Buggy Nano

Basic features, high performance
This 13-pound travel stroller is easy to fold, collapses to a compact size that can fit in an overhead compartment, and performs well for a lower price than many competitors. But it’s not as nimble in varied terrains as our other picks.
Budget friendly

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