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The Best Tripod

Updated Dec 17, 2022
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Many of today’s cameras and lenses come with truly impressive image stabilization built right in, but there are always occasions—such as time-lapse or macro photography—when it makes sense to put your camera on a tripod. After spending 60 hours researching tripods and 30 hours testing 16 of the most promising models, we found the Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263AB100 kit to be the sturdiest platform for challenging shooting situations. It has the tallest maximum height among the tripods we tested, and it’s very stable. It’s also easy to set up and break down, and built to withstand years of use.

Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263AB100 , the best tripod

Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263AB100

The best tripod
This stable, easy-to-use, and versatile tripod has an angling center column. It gets taller and has more leg-angle positions than the other models we tested.
We recommend
Vanguard VEO 3T+ 234AB, a tripod that can handle two cameras

Vanguard VEO 3T+ 234AB

A tripod that can handle two cameras
Smaller and lighter than our top pick, this tripod can also support two devices at once. But it’s a little less stable and slightly more expensive.
Another good choice
Sirui W-1004K10 Tripod Kit River Runner, a solid waterproof tripod

Sirui W-1004K10 Tripod Kit River Runner

A solid waterproof tripod
This tripod doesn’t have an angled center column, but it’s quite sturdy, designed with a greater load capacity than any of our other picks, and (most important) waterproof.
Another good choice
Manfrotto Element MII, best travel tripod

Manfrotto Element MII

Best travel tripod
The Element MII goes from backpack-sized to tall smoothly and quickly, and it provides sturdy support at a price lower than that of our other picks.
Another good choice
Sirui P-204SR, the best monopod

Sirui P-204SR

The best monopod
This monopod is strong and stable, perfect if you like shooting subjects that require you to stay on the move.
Another good choice

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