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Updated Dec 10, 2022
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Our favorite TVs deliver superior picture quality for a reasonable price. Whether it’s a big-screen 4K OLED TV that delivers the ultimate videophile performance, a great 4K gaming TV, or a small, 32-inch HDTV for a secondary space, our recommendations always take into account both performance and value. This article provides an overview of the top picks across all of our TV guides. We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching and testing to find the best option for any space or budget, so read on to find the right TV for you.

Hisense U8H Series, the best 4k lcd tv for the money

Hisense U8H Series

The best 4K LCD TV for the money
The Hisense U8H offers great image quality, superb gaming features, and the Google TV interface, but it has a narrower viewing angle and fewer screen sizes than some other TVs.
We recommend
TCL 5-Series Roku TV (S555), best 4k tv on a budget

TCL 5-Series Roku TV (S555)

Best 4K TV on a budget
The 2022 TCL 5-Series delivers a satisfying 4K HDR picture for the price, and it supports the latest gaming features. Its Roku TV smart platform is robust enough for enthusiasts but intuitive enough for the whole family.
We recommend
Samsung S95B Series (55-inch), the best oled tv

Samsung S95B Series (55-inch)

The best OLED TV
The Samsung S95B delivers stellar 4K HDR picture quality, thanks to its QD-OLED panel, for a price that’s quite reasonable for a new technology.
A better upgrade
TCL 32S334 Android TV, the best 32-inch tv

TCL 32S334 Android TV

The best 32-inch TV
The 32S334 is a great all-in-one small TV, offering good performance, a robust smart-TV platform, and helpful features like voice search and Bluetooth audio output.
We recommend
LG C1, the best tv for video games


The best TV for video games
The LG C1 provides low input lag and the most comprehensive set of gaming features, plus the best overall picture quality.
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