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The Best USB Car Charger

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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For a few bucks, a good USB car charger can charge your phone and other devices faster than the port that came in your car. After testing more than 60 models, we’ve determined that the best car charger is the dual-port Nekteck PD 45W Type-C Car Charger. You can fast-charge phones, tablets, and laptops on its USB-C port and simultaneously charge a second phone on its USB-A port. No other charger offers as much power for a better price.

Nekteck PD 45W Type-C Car Charger, the best car charger

Nekteck PD 45W Type-C Car Charger

The best car charger
This model can charge phones, tablets, and computers on its USB-C port, and it has a second port for charging USB-A devices. It adheres to USB-C fast-charging standards and includes a quality cable.
We recommend
Scosche PowerVolt PD40 (CPDCC40), the best car charger with two usb-c ports

Scosche PowerVolt PD40 (CPDCC40)

The best car charger with two USB-C ports
If you want to have the fastest charge possible on two modern devices—such as an iPhone 8 or later, or a Samsung Galaxy S8 or later—this is your best bet. But you need to bring your own USB-C cables.
A better upgrade
ZMI PowerCruise C2 36-Watt Dual USB Car Charger with QC 3.0, a great, inexpensive charger

ZMI PowerCruise C2 36-Watt Dual USB Car Charger with QC 3.0

A great, inexpensive charger
Though ZMI’s dual-port charger doesn’t charge as quickly as USB-C chargers, it does provide the fastest USB-A power possible, in a nice metal package and at a low price.
Budget friendly

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