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The Best Website Builders

Updated Dec 17, 2022
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A website isn’t just a way to showcase your business, highlight your work, or write about your interests. It can be the biggest part of your online identity—a way to tell your story and establish a brand (and perhaps make some money). After researching 21 of the top website-building services, building 20 websites with 10 of the most promising ones, and changing hundreds of little things on each page, we think Wix is the best way to create a professional-looking website. Wix offers more templates than any other online site builder we tested and has the most powerful setup wizard, which makes it dead simple for just about anyone to create a site and tweak it to their liking. For those who have design experience or want fine design control over every element on a web page, Wix’s editor provides that, as well as an abundance of plugins to help you enhance and grow your website.

Wix, the best website builder


The best website builder
Wix is the most versatile tool for creating a website. With its two design modes, it can auto-build a site customized to your needs or give you full, pixel-level control. It’s both easy to use and full of features.
We recommend
Square Online, a simple option for restaurant and retail store owners

Square Online

A simple option for restaurant and retail store owners
Square Online is the best choice if you want to create an online store or restaurant website, because that’s its entire purpose. It provides free hosting and is easier to use than the alternatives, but its design options are very limited.
Another good choice, the best for blogging and for digging into html

The best for blogging and for digging into HTML
No other site builder we tested offers as many controls or as much flexibility for blogging as You can also create other kinds of websites with it, though it’s tougher to customize than Wix if you don’t have coding experience.
Another good choice
Google Sites, the best free website builder for basic sites

Google Sites

The best free website builder for basic sites
If you just want to build a simple website and don’t care about in-depth design customization, Google Sites is exceptionally easy to use and totally free. It’s ad-free, too.
Another good choice

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