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Why We Love Frontgate Resort Cotton Bath Towels

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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The Frontgate Resort Cotton Towel adds a little luxury to an ordinary shower routine.

Frontgate Resort Cotton Bath Towel, thick and luxurious

Frontgate Resort Cotton Bath Towel

Thick and luxurious
This is the softest towel we tested—it feels like a plush towel from a luxury hotel and comes in a wider variety of sumptuous colors than any other we found.
We recommend
Frontgate Resort Bath Mat, a thick, hotel-style mat

Frontgate Resort Bath Mat

A thick, hotel-style mat
This towel-like mat isn’t as grippy (it doesn’t have a nonslip backing), but it’s easy to hang to dry between showering and will fit under a low-clearance door. It comes in lots of colors but is available in only one size.
We recommend

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