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Some of the Best Online Learning Games for Kids

Updated Dec 12, 2022
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To find our favorite learning apps and games for kids, we spent more than 40 hours researching and testing 50-plus apps recommended by educators, experts, and parents. If your family has a tablet and you want it to be more than a game-playing and video-watching device, or if you’re trying to find apps for your smartphone that will do more than keep your kids occupied in a pinch, we have some great suggestions.

Bedtime Math (iOS and Android), bringing math home

Bedtime Math (iOS and Android)

Bringing math home
This free app makes math a part of daily family life, like a bedtime story. A peer-reviewed study showed that it not only helps improve kids’ math performance but also makes parents feel more comfortable with math.
We recommend
DragonBox Numbers (iOS, Android, and Amazon), visual numeracy

DragonBox Numbers (iOS, Android, and Amazon)

Visual numeracy
Cute Nooms help kids visualize and conceptualize numbers and arithmetic operations.
We recommend
DragonBox Big Numbers (iOS, Android, and Amazon), more-complex arithmetic

DragonBox Big Numbers (iOS, Android, and Amazon)

More-complex arithmetic
Kids follow characters called Nooms on adventures, solving long addition and subtraction equations in the process.
We recommend
Lightbot (iOS and Android), coding puzzles

Lightbot (iOS and Android)

Coding puzzles
The app’s simple puzzle challenges are easy to jump into for kids and adults with no previous coding experience.
We recommend
Lightbot Jr (iOS and Android), coding puzzles for younger kids

Lightbot Jr (iOS and Android)

Coding puzzles for younger kids
A slower-paced, easier set of puzzles for kids as young as preschool.
We recommend
ScratchJr (iOS, Android, and Amazon), visual programming

ScratchJr (iOS, Android, and Amazon)

Visual programming
Using graphical coding blocks, ScratchJr lets kids animate characters and create storylines.
We recommend
Osmo Coding (iOS), tangible coding

Osmo Coding (iOS)

Tangible coding
The Osmo system uses physical game pieces in conjunction with the device’s screen, making scripting and coding tangible and accessible for pre-readers.
We recommend
The Human Body (iOS and Android), seeing what’s inside

The Human Body (iOS and Android)

Seeing what’s inside
The Human Body offers a visually and aurally interesting way to wander through the body’s organs, systems, and functions.
We recommend
Toca Nature (iOS, Android, and Amazon), natural-world building

Toca Nature (iOS, Android, and Amazon)

Natural-world building
Toca Nature is an open-ended building app—similar to Minecraft—where kids can explore and shape the terrain, collect resources, and observe wildlife.
We recommend
Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System (iOS, Android, and Amazon), cats in space

Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System (iOS, Android, and Amazon)

Cats in space
Explore the solar system with a jet-propelled cat.
We recommend
Me: A Kid's Diary (iOS), a digital diary

Me: A Kid's Diary (iOS)

A digital diary
This app lets kids explore self-expression through drawing, writing, photos, and audio and video.
We recommend
Daniel Tiger's Grr-ific Feelings (iOS, Android, and Amazon), exploring emotions

Daniel Tiger's Grr-ific Feelings (iOS, Android, and Amazon)

Exploring emotions
The beloved PBS character helps young kids identify, act out, and explore their feelings through games, songs and creative activities.
We recommend
Toca Tea Party (iOS), tea for two (or more)

Toca Tea Party (iOS)

Tea for two (or more)
Toca Tea Party presents the elements of a tea party—drinks, desserts, and dishes—for unstructured imaginative play.
We recommend
Epic! e-book subscription, endless ebooks

Epic! e-book subscription

Endless ebooks
This app allows young readers to choose from up to 35,000 different books for a low monthly cost.
We recommend

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