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The Best Wired Earbuds

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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Wired earbuds may not win any popularity contests in today’s headphone market, but they’re still a great choice for the audio lover who wants the best sound quality for their dollar—and who dislikes the feel of over-ear headphones. We recommend the Final E4000 wired earbuds because they sound good, fit well, and are built to last.

Final E4000, the best wired earbuds under $200

Final E4000

The best wired earbuds under $200
These earbuds may not sound completely neutral, but they’re generally well balanced and fun to listen to. The cable is replaceable but has neither a remote nor a microphone.
We recommend
Marshall Mode, the best budget wired earbuds

Marshall Mode

The best budget wired earbuds
The Marshall Mode earbuds sound wonderfully rich and balanced. The fit is secure and comfortable, and the cable has a single-button universal remote.
Budget friendly

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