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The Best Bug-Killing Gear

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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Unless you’re an entomologist, you’re probably not excited about having bugs in your house. Whether they’re spiders, flies, roaches, or centipedes, your first instinct is likely to get rid of them immediately. To find the best bug-killing gear available, we turned to experienced exterminators and entomologists, and we interviewed a Caltech aeronautics professor who has spent more than 15 years studying the evasive flight behaviors of houseflies. For two years, we’ve tested flyswatters, bug vacuums, and an assortment of bug traps to make our recommendations.

Pic Fly Swatter, a classic, basic flyswatter

Pic Fly Swatter

A classic, basic flyswatter
This simple flyswatter has a quick-whipping wire handle, a longer reach than competitors, and a rock-bottom price. It’s not as durable as the overbuilt options, but it performs just as well or better.
We recommend
Hope Woodworking Leather Fly Swatter, an heirloom flyswatter

Hope Woodworking Leather Fly Swatter

An heirloom flyswatter
With a thick wire handle and a leather head, this swatter doesn’t have the quick-whip fly-smooshing action of the Pic, but you probably won’t ever have to replace it.
A better upgrade
The Executioner, a companion to a standard swatter

The Executioner

A companion to a standard swatter
The electrified, bug-shocking Executioner is best for flying insects or particularly juicy ones. It’s more effective and less messy than a flyswatter (which is still a necessity even if you have this).
Another good choice
Terro T800 Garbage Guard, rid your trash barrel of flies

Terro T800 Garbage Guard

Rid your trash barrel of flies
This gizmo adheres to the underside of a trash barrel and emits an insecticide that kills any flies or other nasties that try to live in your garbage.
Another good choice
BugZooka, a catch-and-release option


A catch-and-release option
This bug-sucking, battery-free pneumatic vacuum is perfect for catching and releasing slower bugs or hard-to-reach critters like spiders.
Another good choice

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