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The Best USB Microphone

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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The built-in microphones on most computers don’t do your voice justice—they pick up too much room noise, add too much fuzz, and dull your warm and natural speaking tone. A standalone mic connected via USB will help you sound your best, whether you frequently sit in on conference calls or record podcasts. After testing more than 30 USB microphones over the past eight years with the help of audio professionals, we’ve found that the Blue Yeti is still the best microphone for most people.

Blue Yeti, the best usb mic for your desk

Blue Yeti

The best USB mic for your desk
Experts on our test panels have consistently agreed that the Yeti records some of the best-sounding vocals, and it’s a versatile, solidly built mic you can use for years.
We recommend
Amazon Basics Desktop Mini Condenser Microphone, a great-sounding usb mic at half the cost

Amazon Basics Desktop Mini Condenser Microphone

A great-sounding USB mic at half the cost
This inexpensive USB mic sounds surprisingly good and does a remarkable job of capturing your voice while rejecting background noise.
Budget friendly
Shure MV5, a more portable usb mic that captures your voice clearly

Shure MV5

A more portable USB mic that captures your voice clearly
A little orb that delivers great sound, the MV5 is compact enough for you to tuck it away easily or transport it in a bag.
Another good choice

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