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The iPad Is the Best Tablet

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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Apple’s iPad has long been better than any other tablet you can buy, and each new iPad is a little better than the last. That’s still true with the 10th-generation iPad, which introduces USB-C and a number of quality-of-life improvements. But those new features come with a big jump in price, and Apple is still selling the great 9th-generation iPad, which is familiar, affordable, and offers plenty of power for most people. It’s still great for tablet-y things like consuming content or playing games, and Apple greatly improved the front-facing camera for video calls. That makes the 9th-gen iPad the first one to consider before looking at an iPad Pro or iPad mini, or even the 10th-gen iPad. For most people, it should be the one you end up with.

Apple iPad (9th generation), the best tablet for almost anyone

Apple iPad (9th generation)

The best tablet for almost anyone
With a large screen, a fast-enough processor, and Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard support, the 9th-gen iPad offers the features that most tablet users need.
We recommend
Apple iPad (10th-generation), a much nicer design with a pop of color

Apple iPad (10th-generation)

A much nicer design with a pop of color
If you’re willing to pay more for an updated design, a faster processor, and more color options, the 2022 iPad is the tablet for you.
A better upgrade
Apple iPad Air (M1), ipad pro power without paying ipad pro prices

Apple iPad Air (M1)

iPad Pro power without paying iPad Pro prices
If you’re willing to pay for laptop power in a tablet, the iPad Air is the tablet for you.
Another good choice

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