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The Best Wildfire Preparedness Supplies and Strategies

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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Due to human-driven climate change, catastrophic wildfires have evolved from seasonal hazards to year-round disasters that cause air pollution, scorched earth, property loss, and death. People who never thought they’d be at risk of a wildfire are now forced to consider evacuation, oftentimes with little advance notice. If you live in an area prone to wildfires—or somewhere that’s quickly becoming one—we’ve gathered some essential tools and advice to help keep you safe.

Coway Airmega AP-1512HH Mighty, our favorite air purifier

Coway Airmega AP-1512HH Mighty

Our favorite air purifier
Relatively affordable and an exceptional performer, our top-pick air purifier also has a HEPA filter that’s dense enough to capture smoke particles.
We recommend
Reliance Aqua-Tainer 7-Gallon, the best water container

Reliance Aqua-Tainer 7-Gallon

The best water container
This sturdy, leak-resistant container holds plenty of water.
We recommend
3M 8511 N95 Cool Flow Valve Particulate Respirator, a disposable respirator for wildfire smoke and dust

3M 8511 N95 Cool Flow Valve Particulate Respirator

A disposable respirator for wildfire smoke and dust
Relatively comfortable, this mask filters out 95% of airborne particulates, including wildfire smoke.
We recommend
Zendure SuperMini 20W, the best emergency usb battery pack

Zendure SuperMini 20W

The best emergency USB battery pack
Able to charge most smartphones from empty to full up to three times, this power bank is small enough to store in a pocket, works with USB-C PD and USB-A ports, and includes a USB-C cable.
We recommend
Midland ER310, tough, dynamic, and portable

Midland ER310

Tough, dynamic, and portable
With great radio reception, NOAA early-warning notifications, and a hand crank that effectively revives it, the ER310 is a durable, compact radio that doubles as a flashlight and charging station.
We recommend
First Aid Only 299 Piece All-Purpose First Aid Kit (FAO-442), the best first-aid kit

First Aid Only 299 Piece All-Purpose First Aid Kit (FAO-442)

The best first-aid kit
This kit offers an inexpensive collection of basic first-aid items everyone should have.
We recommend
Black Diamond Spot 350, the best headlamp

Black Diamond Spot 350

The best headlamp
Bright, durable, and long-running, the Spot 350 offers the best mix of the most important features.
We recommend
AmazonBasics AAA Performance Alkaline Batteries, the best batteries

AmazonBasics AAA Performance Alkaline Batteries

The best batteries
These inexpensive batteries have an impressive 10-year shelf life.
We recommend
Honeywell 1114 Lightweight Fire and Waterproof Chest, the best fireproof document safe

Honeywell 1114 Lightweight Fire and Waterproof Chest

The best fireproof document safe
This safe is certified to withstand high-temperature fires for twice as long as its competitors.
We recommend

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